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Don Wilson is an award-winning director and editor probably most famous for the groundbreaking music video he directed and edited for Michael Jackson, Man in the Mirror. It was number one on MTV for nearly twenty weeks, was listed in the top five best videos of all time by former MTV VJ Martha Quinn, and remains in the top five videos of all time on VH1's Top 100 music videos. Don also has four other videos he worked on listed in the top 25 in VH1's All Time Top 100. In fact, he is widely considered one of the founding fathers of the "MTV Style" and literally helped create a new art form. Fortune magazine once named him the most important editor in the music business, he won a Video Music Award, and was nominated for several MTV Music Video Awards. The list of musical acts with which he has worked is nearly infinite, but some of the biggest acts include Bon Jovi, Sting, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Pearl Jam, Fleetwood Mac, and Stevie Nicks.

Don Wilson's current work focuses on 4K television shows, documentaries, and feature films. His recent projects include the Gun N' Roses Appetite for Democracy 3D theatrically released film, which won the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society Lumiere Award in its category; Smashing Pumpkins Oceania Live in NYC 3D; Jane's Addiction Live at Terminal 5; Melissa Etheridge This is M.E.; Korn Live at the Palladium 3D; Sheryl Crow, and Foreigner 40: Then and Now. Read more about his credits and work in progress here.

Don has extensive industry experience and has worked as a producer, director, and editor on television news, NFL sports broadcasts, hit Emmy winning network sitcoms and comedy shows, major motion picture movie trailers, prime time dramas, HBO and Showtime music and comedy specials, five Olympic games, feature films, award-winning documentaries, high-end corporate videos and national commercials. Don also helped launch MadTV from the first eposide and worked with the project into the third season. An accomplished musician as well, he has scored several award-winning documentaries in his recently updated digital surround sound recording and mixing studio.

Don has also spent time in the executive ranks as Director of Editorial Services and Graphics at Varitel and EDS Digital Studios, as Executive Producer at Craig Murray Productions, as Vice President of The Selluloid Group, and currently serves as Co-Principal with AMI Films.

His awards have not been limited to music videos. His work as an executive producer, director, and editor has earned him many accolades including Best Director and Best Documentary at national film festivals, top Billboard rankings, the Gold Aurora, the Lumiere, and an Emmy.

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Don Wilson speaking on a 3D panel at the 3D Film Festival
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