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Welcome to AMI FILMS. We develop, produce, direct, edit, write, and consult on such projects as documentaries, concerts, films, television programs, music videos, commercials, books, scripts, treatments, web series, and major motion picture trailers.

We're committed to producing media that examines the human condition with a high degree of artistic merit and the promise of long term commercial success. We are equally committed to producing work with transformative, redemptive stories and believe in the power of stories to enlighten; to celebrate exceptional achievement; to examine American culture, music, as well as history; and to enact social change.

One of the recent theatrically released films to come out of our edit bays, Guns N' Roses: Appetite for Democracy, won its category from the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society for exceptional 3D: The Lumiere Award.


We're dedicated to developing projects for 4K and 3D television and feature film production that pass a strict internal greenlight review and are thus able to secure production financing along with US and international distribution. As a balanced production company, AMI FILMS gives equal weight to business and creative concerns.

We're currently working on a concert film for Sheryl Crow.

Our new documentary project is Women and Screenwriting. Did you know women screenwriters basically invented Hollywood? No one does, but you'll learn all about it soon!


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